Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy Puppies!

So I told my mom to start a blog cause I wanted her to do The Daring Baker. Which I will be signing her up for today. But now she's gotten the rest of us into it so.... we'll see what happens.

The name Cooking Tailz... Why? Well we like cooking... duh! We all have dogs who Love to sit in the kitchen and be underfoot. They are helping right?! Cleaning up spills, taste testing and watching!

Who knows what we will end up baking and sharing, because we are all great cooks!

You saw the first two helpers, well the next two are even more trouble...

Miss Dixie
She looks all sweet and innocent, but let me tell you... TROUBLE!! I still love her though, she is good, most of the time, and is the best snuggler! She makes she she always sits pretty so she can have treats from what I'm baking.

Mr. Moose
He's still just a pup and is even bigger now than when this photo was taken last month. He's going to be the best duck dog and is a big lover. He sits in front of the stove when I cook and is always in the way. He's a sweetie though.

Truth is they love each other and I for sure love them!

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