Friday, April 9, 2010

And the cooks are...

So, there are several cooks in the family besides myself...

Jennifer (our daughter) is famous for her chocolate cookies and won 1st place at the Pro-Am Chocolate Festival when she was in 8th grade - beating out the adults! She is older now, but still baking - this year (2010) she won the Brownie division in the same Chocolate Festival. Maybe we will get lucky and she will post her recipe.

John (our son) also cooks - when he is not doing photography. He likes do do Dutch oven (he won a prize for his potatoes while still in Boy Scouts) and grill. He has worked as a Baker's Assistant at an artisan bakery and in the kitchen for Winter Camp at Camp Perkins, LOM. He lives in the Boise area with his wife Jessica, daughter Aspen and Hailey the chocolate Lab.

Steve (my husband) and Zoe the yellow Lab, are the official taste testers here at our house.

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